Artist’s Profile

In 2010, Helen held her first ‘Boldstrokes’ Art Exhibition, at the ARIspace Gallery, North Adelaide, South Australia. It was a solo art exhibition at which she sold 7 of her paintings.
Helen has since done Commissions and is happy to do more if requested.

Helen is currently exhibiting at other venues. Refer to ‘exhibitions’ for further information.

I was born in Adelaide and raised firstly in semi rural Eden Hills before moving to a farm at beautiful Kangarilla.

I spent many days of my childhood roaming in the Sturt Gorge and throughout our 100 acre property. I think that is where my love of nature began.

I travelled extensively with my chosen sports profession, Tennis (see the Helen Rice Tennis School website), and now and then travel with my family to visit my husband’s family in Southern Germany. While there we see many of the spectacular sights of Europe.

I have been in awe of and inspired by the many wonders of natural landscapes, from the European Alps to the Australian Desert and Beaches.

Since doing Art classes with Anne Bowden I have seen the world through different ‘eyes’. The colours and shapes that may previously have gone unnoticed are simply stunning.